CDM Capital is an early-stage venture firm that commits early, helps you troubleshoot the tough stuff, and remains by your side.

We are experienced investors, who like to work in small teams and invest in big ideas. Our ecosystem is our USP. We can't help you write code or provide you office space, but we can open doors for you with your potential clients and future investors.

We have the intellect and resources to significantly impact your startup’s journey. If nothing else, we are always there to share a drink with you in good times or bad.

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Davesh Manocha

Managing Partner

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Vidhi Jain

AVP, Investments

We have been investing over 12 years now across different stages from seed to IPO. Meet few of our Past Investments, we either made at our previous jobs or in personal capacity

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With a diversified pool of investments, you may be wondering about how we invest. Well to be fair, we keep it simple.

How we Invest

CDM Capital is an early-stage venture firm, which is currently investing out of its fund CDM Capital Fund 1 at seed/pre-Series A stage. We are easy and flexible; we can write the first cheque or be the lead investor or happy to follow alongside other good funds.

Where we Invest

We invest in technology startups, which are solving large market problems and are run by founders with conviction. We believe that conviction is contagious. We are sector agnostic but with bias towards fintech, health-tech and SaaS businesses.

How Much we Invest

Our sweet spot is $0.5 mn but then with our fantastic LPs base, who are keen to co-invest, we have the ability to write much bigger cheques.

We Stay Committed

We have been entrepreneurs in the past, and understand that at times entrepreneurship can be a tough lonely journey. Our support stays with the founding team especially during the tough times. As bigger investors join the company, we are very comfortable stepping back to make room. While we are in this business to to make return, but our approach is not a transactional approach.

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